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The Purpose

  • Honor Cyclists
  • Build Community
  • Raise Awareness

The Goals

  • community awareness -> participation
  • visibility & media coverage -> motorist awareness
  • volunteer marshal coordination -> safety

      The Plan

      • Posters/Flyers in every area bike shop (50+)
      • Communication with every bike team/group (20+)
      • Awareness by every Cascade Bike Club member (13,000+)
      • Excellent cooperation / liaison with City departments (via SEC)
      • Regular Press Releases to the Media and Cycling Network
      • Volunteer meetings before the event.

      The Test

      • improved community awareness
      • excellent media coverage
      • increased participation

      100% Volunteer Base

      This event is made possible by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers who bring decades of experience.

      Sponsorships VS Endorsements

      This event is completely generated by volunteer efforts. No sponsorships are accepted. This event is endorsed by many individuals, organizations and public officials,

      Costs and Donations

      The costs to produce this event are estimated at under $500. Every expense and contribution will be properly and transparently accounted. Contributions of any dollar amount or in-kind are greatly appreciated and acknowledged. Thank you for your support in time and/or funds.
      Subpages (2): The Crew To-Do List