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2011 Ride Report

posted May 29, 2011, 6:56 PM by J. Steve Mayo
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Seattle, 27 Riders

Lawful road use. No permits required. No police presence. 65F blue skies. Regrouped at halfway point, City Hall. Social afterwards with a few. Good feedback from participants.

Laura said afterwards, "I've always been afraid to ride downtown, but you made it feel safer in a group. Thanks, I'll help next year."

We don't seek special treatment/protection in Seattle, just the same rights and respect using our roads. Traffic lights do break up our ride, and that's just fine. We stay slow, regroup as we can, especially at City Hall this year.

Past, present, and future routes to consider:

Looking forward to creating a great team of volunteers, hold several [fun!] meetings, and have an awesome Ride in 2012.

Both KING5 and KOMO4 were at the start, KOMO4 interviewed me. Not sure if anything aired yet. Other news often trumps RoS. Having inner tube armbands on everyone was a big hit.

Having signage on riders is vital and we'll ensure that next year. Maybe piper, maybe horn player.

Event Photos: