Ride of Silence Honors Fallen & Injured Cyclists
on the 3rd Wednesday in May

Seattle's ride will be 9-12 mile slow-paced tour of the city. 

Please note this ride will follow the rules of the road. There is no police escort. Public Safety (aka: traffic) support has been requested, but is not expected. The procession will become broken up at traffic lights, unless police are present to control/direct traffic otherwise. There will not be any corking at any intersections. We will ride single file mostly, and 2-abreast when safe and appropriate.

An open invitation will be sent to every Bicycle Patrol officer from the SPD again this year. We hope to this unique experience to "ride along" with us comes to be for our cycling officers.

All participants are asked to wear black armbands to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. Red armbands will be work by those who have been injured. (see the T2A project). Helmets are mandatory.

Spoken words and dedications will be made about 15 minutes before the ride begins.

What might the 2017 route look like?

For proposed and past routes please have a look here Routes+Maps.

Does anyone remember the route from Seattle's first Ride of Silence in 2005?

Why We Ride (an excellent article to read)
A Perpetual Calendar - Lest We Forget

Honoring Washington State Fallen Cyclists ‎‎‎‎‎(89)‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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